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Where to find the best gas prices in Pine Bluff?

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Managing gas prices has become an essential part of daily life for most people. Understanding the fluctuations in fuel costs is vital for budgeting and planning, especially for those who rely heavily on their vehicles. Recent data from the American Automobile Association (AAA) provides insight into the current state of gas prices both nationally and locally.

As of Monday, the national average for a gallon of regular-grade gasoline stands at $3.153. This figure reflects a slight decrease from last week’s average of $3.242. This change, though marginal, indicates the dynamic nature of fuel prices.

In Arkansas, the trend of decreasing prices is also noticeable. The average cost for a gallon of gas was approximately $2.729 on Monday, down from $2.802 a week earlier. Specifically, in Pine Bluff, the average price was slightly higher at $2.792.

For those in Pine Bluff seeking the most affordable gas options, a variety of prices can be found at local stations, as reported by GasBuddy. Prices in the area range from $2.69 to $2.89. Here are some notable stations and their prices:

  • Murphy USA, 5601 South Olive Street: $2.69 Regular, $2.99 Midgrade, $3.29 Premium, $3.66 Diesel
  • Brookshire’s, 2721 S Camden Rd: $2.69 Regular, $2.99 Midgrade, $3.29 Premium
  • Exxon, 2901 W 28th Ave: $2.74 Regular, $3.24 Midgrade, $3.74 Premium, $3.69 Diesel
  • Shell, 101 N Blake St: $2.77 Regular, $3.27 Midgrade, $3.77 Premium, $3.99 Diesel
  • Valero, 2202 S Olive St: $2.79 Regular
  • Love’s Travel Stop, 4800 Hwy 65 S: $2.79 Regular, $3.14 Midgrade, $3.44 Premium, $3.62 Diesel
  • Alon, 3319 S Olive St: $2.79 Regular
  • Fast Mart, 3700 S Camden Rd: $2.79 Regular, $3.49 Midgrade, $3.89 Premium
  • University Food Mart, 1801–1809 Collegiate Dr: $2.79 Regular, $3.99 Diesel
  • Fast Lane, 3701 S Camden Rd: $2.79 Regular

It’s important to note that gas prices are subject to frequent changes and may vary. Therefore, it’s always advisable to check current prices before visiting a gas station. This information is crucial for motorists to find the best deals and manage their fuel expenses effectively.

Ava Thompson



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