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City of Pine Bluff receives major funding boost for Sixth and Main Street project

Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Pine Bluff’s Urban Renewal Agency has made a significant contribution towards the development of the Sixth and Main Street project by presenting a $1 million check during a recent City Council meeting. This financial injection is set to enhance the city’s retail and restaurant district, marking a pivotal moment in Pine Bluff’s ongoing revitalization efforts.

A Significant Boost for Pine Bluff’s Development

The presentation of the $1 million check by Go Forward CEO Ryan Watley signifies a major leap forward in the realization of the Sixth and Main Retail and Restaurant District. Watley highlighted the collaborative efforts since 2017 between Go Forward Pine Bluff (GFPB) and the city to foster advancements in various sectors such as public education, economic development, quality of life, and government infrastructure. These endeavors have been supported by the 2017 sales tax initiative, private funding, and strong leadership.

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The grant from the Walton Family Foundation, obtained through a submission by GFPB, targets aspiring entrepreneurs interested in launching brick-and-mortar retail businesses or restaurants. It specifically addresses the financial hurdles these entrepreneurs face and the scarcity of healthy food options in Pine Bluff. GFPB board members and PBURA Executive Director Chandra Griffin were present during the check presentation, emphasizing the grant’s role in providing quality, affordable spaces for new business ventures.

This initiative is celebrated as a testament to the effective public-private partnerships that have been instrumental in fostering business growth within Pine Bluff. The funds are earmarked for constructing commercial kitchens and collaborative retail spaces that promise to minimize operational expenses for vendors while ensuring access to quality and healthy food choices.

The project also aims to bolster Pine Bluff’s economy by supporting local entrepreneurs, considered the backbone of the city’s economic strength. According to a press release, the focus is not only on attracting franchise retail and restaurant businesses but also on establishing robust local enterprises that will generate employment opportunities and serve the community for generations to come. This grant is envisioned to create a lasting impact, paving the way for a thriving business landscape in Pine Bluff.

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