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HumanitiesAR to offer increased support for innovative projects in 2024

Arkansas – HumanitiesAR, the Arkansas affiliate of the National Endowment for Humanities, has unveiled exciting changes to its grants program for 2024, aimed at bolstering humanities-based projects across the state.

Expanding Support for Arkansas’ Humanities Projects

In a significant update for 2024, HumanitiesAR is broadening the scope of its support for the humanities in Arkansas through several key changes to its grant offerings. Recognizing the financial pressures faced by many organizations, the Mini Grant projects have seen an increase in the maximum award amount to $5,000 and an expansion in eligibility to cover operational expenses. This adjustment is designed to alleviate some of the financial burdens on organizations, allowing them to dedicate more resources to their core mission of promoting the humanities.

Moreover, the requirement for a cost-share has been eliminated, further easing the application process for potential grantees. The adjustment of select grant application cycles to two cycles per year is another strategic move to streamline the funding process and enhance accessibility for applicants.

HumanitiesAR Executive Director Jama Best emphasized the transformative potential of these grants, stating, “The impact of these grants extends far beyond nonprofits and educators, as they enrich our state’s diverse history and cultural fabric.” Best also highlighted the past successes of grant recipients and the positive influence on educators and students alike, encouraging more organizations and educators to apply.

The inclusion of operational expenses in the Mini Grants initiative is particularly noteworthy, offering support for overhead costs such as salaries, utilities, and equipment needs, making the grants more comprehensive. To be eligible, organizations must be based in Arkansas, operate on an annual budget of $250,000 or less, and employ at least one full-time staff member.

2024 also introduces changes to specific grants like the Black History and Culture Grant, the Museum Collections and Resource Grant, and the REACH Grant, all of which will now have two application cycles per year. Additionally, the REACH Grant has been updated to no longer require a principal’s signature, simplifying the application process.

HumanitiesAR continues its mission to connect Arkansans to their history, culture, and each other through a diverse range of grant opportunities. These grants support public programs, research, exhibits, and educational initiatives, among other projects. The Access to the Humanities Grant and the Museum Collections and Resource Grant are examples of specialized funding aimed at enhancing accessibility and preserving cultural heritage.

Prospective applicants are advised to prepare a letter of intent within the specified window before submitting a full application. The upcoming deadlines include the Museum Collections and Resource Grant and the Black History and Culture Grant.

For more information on available grants, eligibility criteria, and the application process, interested parties are encouraged to visit arkansashumanitiescouncil.org.

Olivia Martinez



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