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Michigan father faces kidnapping charges after child recovered by Arkansas State Police

Arkansas – Law enforcement authorities have successfully recovered a 5-year-old boy taken by his father, Daniel Onoh, 40, in a cross-state kidnapping case. The boy’s mother, who holds legal custody, was left behind as Onoh allegedly absconded with the child in a stolen 2018 Buick Encore.

A Coordinated Effort

The alert for the missing child was first raised by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, which informed the Arkansas State Police (ASP) of the potential kidnapping and vehicle theft. Acting swiftly on this information, ASP Troopers identified and intercepted the vehicle on Interstate 30. Through a strategic maneuver involving multiple units, they managed to safely remove the child from the vehicle.

Colonel Mike Hagar of the ASP, reflecting on the incident, emphasized the department’s commitment to protecting civilians, especially children caught in such perilous situations. He noted the personal connection many troopers felt, being parents themselves, and expressed pride in fulfilling the duty to reunite the child with his mother.

Daniel Onoh is currently being held, facing charges of felony theft by receiving and kidnapping. According to reports, he also has an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from Texas.

The boy was placed in the care of the Arkansas Department of Human Services while waiting for his mother to arrive from Michigan.

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