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Multi-agency effort to combat human trafficking in Arkansas shows results, over 30 victims, suspected trafficker identified during “Operation HART”

Arkansas – Arkansas State Police (ASP) and the Arkansas Human Trafficking Council have taken significant steps towards combating human trafficking in the state. In an operation dubbed “Operation HART,” conducted earlier in the month, the joint effort led to the identification of 30 victims and the offering of crucial services to five women who are believed to be victims of this heinous crime.

“Operation HART” was a recovery operation aimed at identifying victims of human trafficking and providing them with immediate assistance. The services offered included food, lodging, medical services, counseling, and drug rehabilitation, aimed to address the immediate needs of the victims and assist in their recovery process.

During the operation, law enforcement officials also identified a suspected trafficker, highlighting the ongoing efforts to not only support victims but also to apprehend and bring to justice those responsible for trafficking.

A Unified Effort

Colonel Mike Hagar, the Director of ASP, emphasized the collaborative effort to end human trafficking in Arkansas. He stated, “The Arkansas law enforcement community and our victim service partners are on a mission to end human trafficking in Arkansas. We are working to give law enforcement the specialized training they need to embrace victims with compassion while they free them from perpetrators of this heinous crime.”

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin also commended the coalition’s efforts, underscoring the importance of collaboration between law enforcement and victim service groups in making a tangible difference in the fight against human trafficking.

The operation in Jonesboro follows a similar effort in Little Rock in September 2023, where 12 victims were offered services, highlighting the ongoing commitment of Arkansas State Police and its partners to combat human trafficking across the state.

ASP and the Arkansas Human Trafficking Council encourage anyone with information on human trafficking to reach out to [email protected] or contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888. Through continued efforts and community support, Arkansas aims to provide a safe haven for victims and a hostile environment for traffickers, moving closer to eradicating human trafficking within its borders.

Olivia Martinez



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