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Two lucky Arkansans claimed significant lottery prizes, plan home purchase and business expansion

Arkansas – Two residents of Arkansas have recently claimed significant lottery prizes, bringing joy and newfound fortune into their lives.

Ma C., a resident of Springdale, claimed the $350,000 top prize from the $20 $350,000 Riches instant game on February 23. The winning ticket was bought at Circle K #351 located on 2808 W. Huntsville Ave. in Springdale, as part of her daily lottery-playing routine. Ma, who has a preference for scratch-off games, particularly those priced at $10 and $20, couldn’t believe her luck when she scratched off the ticket right at the gas station and discovered she had won the top prize. This win is her largest to date, significantly surpassing previous winnings of $1,000. Overwhelmed with joy, she shared the news with her husband and plans to use the money to purchase a home.

Lonzo Ford of Hot Springs Village claimed a $25,000 prize from the February 21 LOTTO drawing. A devoted player who rarely misses a drawing, Lonzo’s winning strategy involves purchasing tickets with five sets of digits for each draw, consistently including his lucky number: 13. His dedication paid off when he matched five out of six winning digits, plus the bonus number 13, resulting in his substantial win. Lonzo said he plans to invest his winnings in a new trailer for his clutter removal business.

Both stories exemplify the excitement and unpredictability of lottery games. For Ma, her routine purchase turned into a life-changing moment, while Lonzo’s methodical approach to playing LOTTO, with his unwavering inclusion of his lucky number, illustrates the blend of strategy and luck that defines the lottery experience.

As the LOTTO jackpot climbs to $1.129 million for the upcoming drawing on February 28, it represents the game’s second-highest jackpot since its inception in 2022.

More information on lottery games and how to participate can be found at MyArkansasLottery.com.

Nathan Kim



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