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Reward offered for information on fatal hit-and-run accident

Little Rock, Arkansas – The family of Quinton Lee Handy Senior, the victim of a fatal hit-and-run incident on Veterans Day in Little Rock, Arkansas, is desperately seeking answers and justice. As they prepare to say their final goodbyes, they are offering a reward for information leading to the resolution of this tragic case.

On the evening of November 11, Quinton Handy’s life was abruptly ended on Highway 365 in Little Rock. The Arkansas State Police report that around 8:30 P.M., under clear and dry conditions, a southbound vehicle on Highway 365 attempted to swerve into the northbound lane but tragically struck Handy. After the collision, the vehicle left the scene, continuing southbound without stopping to provide aid or information.

Nearly two weeks after the incident, the case remains unsolved. Authorities have not yet found a description of the vehicle involved in this devastating hit-and-run, leaving the family and investigators with few leads to pursue.

A Family’s Heartbreaking Loss

Quinton Handy, 57, was the youngest of 14 siblings and the first among them to pass away. His sudden death has left a profound void in his family, spread across Little Rock, Seattle, Boston, and Delaware. His absence was deeply felt during the Thanksgiving celebrations, a time when his laughter would have filled the family home. Now, a memorial and Handy’s shoe are solemn reminders of the life so tragically lost on that stretch of Highway 365.

Dr. Myrtis Randolph, Handy’s niece, voiced the family’s plea for the person responsible to come forward. She expressed understanding of the fear and anxiety the driver must be experiencing but stressed the importance of making the right choice by coming forward. The family yearns for closure and peace, which they believe can only come from knowing the truth about what happened to Quinton.

Adding to the tragedy, Quinton’s brother, Patrick Handy, a firefighter and first responder, arrived at the scene following the 911 call, only to discover that the victim was his own brother. This heart-wrenching revelation exemplifies the profound impact the incident has had on the Handy family.

The family also highlighted the need for better street lighting in the area, believing that improved illumination could enhance safety and possibly prevent future tragedies.

A Reward for Information

In a bid to find answers and bring the responsible party to justice, the Handy family is offering a $1,000 reward for information that aids the State Police investigation. They hope that this incentive will encourage someone to come forward with crucial information.

Quinton Handy’s funeral is scheduled for 11 A.M. Saturday at Premier Funeral Home in Little Rock. As they prepare to lay him to rest, his family clings to the hope that someone will provide the information needed to solve this case and give them the closure they desperately seek.

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